Week 53- Capturing Sunshine

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Week 51- The Allusive Butterfly Orchid

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Feet seemed aloof within the tall specks of green, the colours so vivid like an artists sunset. Curves spilt to leak droplets like shrieks of colour running down a page, while bony legs with brittle wings hid in the dark as footsteps reverberated the ground underneath. Soldiers attacked catapulting through the wind with a parachute with spider web symmetry, only to be caught by a child hoping for a wish. The green structures once growing tall lay broken behind the tracks of trainers as we searched for that one treasure. Once caught would we kill it too?

This week I went to a natures reserve with school. Our guide showed us many interesting things, the allusive butterfly orchid (look it up its pretty) as well as how to take the measurement of the number of plant species in a set area, (it was more interesting then it sounds). But for a man who loved nature and protected so many plant species it didn’t half bug me how much he loved to stumble over everything! Even now I find myself fuming at the thought of it, by the end I could have yelled, (getting angry at someone is not a very common thing for me). I felt guilty myself when he forced us to plod among those vast fields of wild flowers, it allowed me to imagine what those “underneath” felt as we destroyed their homes very daily. I took this shot as an observation of that viewpoint. I took it from a low angle and tilted the camera upwards to portray the thought of a smaller being and to also show the creeping members of my school to portray the other member of my description. The low angle also allowed me to capture the beautiful array of colours within the fields (people who read my posts regularly would know I love my colours) as well as little taps of detail that I feel added that little bit more to the photo. My only dislike about this photo came with the presence of the wind. It became troublesome as my camera found it hard to focus. Other then that I like this photo and I hope you do to 🙂 thanks for reading.

Week 50- The Little Duckling

Week 50- The Little Duckling

Drops so sweet pierced feathers so small, the downs of little wings sprayed with colours that could fool any bee . Dainty flippers explored water oh so knowledgeably while a little beak perturbed the splashes further, rippling its cool complexion in worry. A swim, a jump, a stumble and this little duckling will be little no longer. That honeybee costume will forever be in the closet.

I’ve got to say ducklings are fast! if it wasn’t for good luck I would have never caught this fella on camera. But how cute he is. I personally believe that the main contributory factor within this photo is how the duckling is completely surrounded by tall branches and leaves, I feel this factor further highlights how small and brittle he is as well as creating a nice border around the subject. The ripples also add to the effect. I did not edit this photo as I felt it was good quality with nice lighting and colours. I hope you like it as much as me. Thankyou for reading.

Week 49- Patters on petals

Week 49- Patters on petals

The splash of drops and the clatter of gods claps, whistled through curls to spiral pounding like drums sparking soily fireworks. They twist in the wind to sparkle fun as wellies crack the faces which they hide. Patters on petals as sweet as pear drops capture colours as rich as chocolate but as bright as a sunny day. We should never hide from the rain.

As always i love the colours in this photo, nature is my key focus and it never seems to disappoint. I chose to position the flower to the left to create a large amount of talking space which further highlights the contrasting colours from the background and foreground. My main aim with this photo was to emphasise the raindrops on the petals and leaves as they were so beautiful and delicate. I personally love the rain but it was hard to capture such a small and detailed part of the photo clearly. So i chose to alter my camera settings, darkening the lighting and yet this wrecked the colour. Therefore small amounts of editing was needed. small alterations on the brightness i believe created a better photo. I love it and will be using it in my artwork. Thankyou for reading see you soon.

Week 48- Burning with Fear

Week 48-

At some point we must open our eyes and what will we see? will we see glass, or the distant figure of fish and fin, hear the prod of paws on glass or roars of laughter, will we smell the fresh air or fear, as we look out. Shall we scare for our amusement?
I chose this photo because I believe that it triggers a deep sense of emotion and meaning. This fish, not being human expresses such a expression of shock and surprise that is almost chilling. This photo was captured in a aquarium in Monaco. I do not like aquariums personally I find them to be sadistic and cruel. Nothing should be captured for our amusement however beautiful they are. While reluctantly exploring I spotted a sleepy fellow, this fish was so beautiful the bright orange amongst the purple pebbles resembled flames. But I suppose he must have heard the camera click 😉 This look of pure terror subsided and yet it made me hate aquariums all the more.
I chose to “place” my subject within the photo slightly to the right for to show the array of colours and the environment in which it lived. I had to kneel for to get at “eye level” which I feel further stresses the emotion on the subjects face and captures the true sense of shock as it looks straight through you. Thankyou for looking/ reading… Again! 😉

Week 47- C’est Magnifique!

Week 47- C'est Magnifique!

While in Nice I was surprised to see so many artists. A creative city; it bubbled with life immersed in the glow of the sunshine. Strokes of blues and greens striped the surface of buildings and sparked from every paintbrush. Music sang through every mouth and danced in every ear gliding across the waterfalls and right along the seas.

I love this photo purely because its so real. The reality of a French artist; painting on the street with the sound of accordions in the background what bliss. I must admit it did not take that much skill so as to capture this photo and yet all the best photos take the least effort. I saw the potential in the corner of my eye and I couldn’t help but take a snap. This poor artist had no idea but still what a way to sum up France. C’est Magnifique! 😉 Merci pour lire!

Week 46- “Oh we all like to be beside the seaside”

Life seems so simple by the sea. The breeze so swift pirouettes and glides to whistle through ears and dance amongst thoughts, to smash them to splinters in a fist of fury so fierce it rocks the seabed. Pebbles crash to a plop on the crispy clear blue to be swallowed deep like a fish swallows plankton, the ripples erupting on the surface. Each wave smashes deep, each whistle is a song only to be captured in every seashell.

This week I was lucky to go to a study trip in Nice. Amongst the sunshine and glistening beach I actually learnt plenty of French. I chose this particular photo because its so summery, it describes the lazy days of summer perfectly as well as expressing what nice brought me, fun and headspace which is always good. I initially took this photo because I liked the layers of the sea the pebbles the froth. Alone I felt it needed a bit more so I added my shoes. The perfect colour I feel, but I believe they also add a sense of presence within the photo that everyone can relate to. Thank you for reading 🙂