Week 47- C’est Magnifique!

Week 47- C'est Magnifique!

While in Nice I was surprised to see so many artists. A creative city; it bubbled with life immersed in the glow of the sunshine. Strokes of blues and greens striped the surface of buildings and sparked from every paintbrush. Music sang through every mouth and danced in every ear gliding across the waterfalls and right along the seas.

I love this photo purely because its so real. The reality of a French artist; painting on the street with the sound of accordions in the background what bliss. I must admit it did not take that much skill so as to capture this photo and yet all the best photos take the least effort. I saw the potential in the corner of my eye and I couldn’t help but take a snap. This poor artist had no idea but still what a way to sum up France. C’est Magnifique! 😉 Merci pour lire!