Week 50- The Little Duckling

Week 50- The Little Duckling

Drops so sweet pierced feathers so small, the downs of little wings sprayed with colours that could fool any bee . Dainty flippers explored water oh so knowledgeably while a little beak perturbed the splashes further, rippling its cool complexion in worry. A swim, a jump, a stumble and this little duckling will be little no longer. That honeybee costume will forever be in the closet.

I’ve got to say ducklings are fast! if it wasn’t for good luck I would have never caught this fella on camera. But how cute he is. I personally believe that the main contributory factor within this photo is how the duckling is completely surrounded by tall branches and leaves, I feel this factor further highlights how small and brittle he is as well as creating a nice border around the subject. The ripples also add to the effect. I did not edit this photo as I felt it was good quality with nice lighting and colours. I hope you like it as much as me. Thankyou for reading.


Week 49- Patters on petals

Week 49- Patters on petals

The splash of drops and the clatter of gods claps, whistled through curls to spiral pounding like drums sparking soily fireworks. They twist in the wind to sparkle fun as wellies crack the faces which they hide. Patters on petals as sweet as pear drops capture colours as rich as chocolate but as bright as a sunny day. We should never hide from the rain.

As always i love the colours in this photo, nature is my key focus and it never seems to disappoint. I chose to position the flower to the left to create a large amount of talking space which further highlights the contrasting colours from the background and foreground. My main aim with this photo was to emphasise the raindrops on the petals and leaves as they were so beautiful and delicate. I personally love the rain but it was hard to capture such a small and detailed part of the photo clearly. So i chose to alter my camera settings, darkening the lighting and yet this wrecked the colour. Therefore small amounts of editing was needed. small alterations on the brightness i believe created a better photo. I love it and will be using it in my artwork. Thankyou for reading see you soon.

Week 35- When Autumn leaves Fall

Week 35- When Autumn leaves Fall

They skitter across the floor like helpless wonders but form clusters under their branches. Forgotten. We trample, smudge and break there brittle bodies on long walks under the once green trees. Yet they take revenge when the light falls and we ponder on noises that scare us. Autumn has arrived and I will watch where I tread.

Autumn has definitely arrived this week and for me (living in such a place as Malvern) I love this time of year. It can be cold and in some ways dull but as the leaves fall from the trees I can’t help but love the colours and excitement in which it brings. Winter! šŸ˜‰ So for my photo this week I chose to take a picture of the “typical” autumn scene. I love the composition within this photo as the angles within it really emphasise the pathway and the aspect of distance. In addition I chose to include the whole length ofĀ the trees within my photo in order to hint atĀ their growth and significance within nature and autumn. This thus highlighted the trees fragile but empty branches which I feel also added to the autumn scene.Ā Furthermore I love how the white light seepsĀ between the empty branches, thisĀ emphasises the branches shapes which I really likeĀ and as always ( i am a artist) I admire the autumn colours that represent the nature and experience that is Malvern. Yet again Malvern has given me another way of looking at life and its beauty. Nature is beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for reading I hope you liked my post. šŸ™‚

Week 29- College to Capture Dreams

Week 29- College to Capture Dreams

Dear Diary….
This week signals my first week of college and my nerves have risen high already. The thought has become a enveloping worry hanging heavy on my heart so much so I can’t stop thinking about it. What if I make no freinds? Should I stay or should I try it out? My minds a mess floating around like my spaghetti like curls…. Will I even be okay?
Night from Tash.

To prevent any of you nice people worrying i don’t have a diary and yet my first day in college is sneeking closer with every minute. My photo this week captures my hopes of what the college will be like. I presented the dandelion seed in this photo as my very own dream as this symbol is widely used to represent a wish or freedom. Unfortunately this seed was captured in a spider web which I have accomodated as a symbol for the college. As you could probably tell i dont produce/create spider webs and neither have I been able to catch a wish so this photo was a very happy fluke which managed to snap my feelings with the beauty of simplicity and symbolism. I really like this photo and feel the dust and misty outlook of the photo (caused by the window in which it was taken behind) only adds to its sense of mystery. The green colour present in the background from nearby bushes further highlights the seed with its tonal grey furs and dusty sparks surrounding it, which I beleive can only symbolise the many others in my same position this week. This creative photo is one I really like for its sense of mysticality and relation to my wishes. Thankyou for reading and wish me luck! šŸ˜‰

Week 27- My Butterfly followers

grandad 441Summer blooms like spring whilst the flutterbys spiral unaware in the sky blue, yellows become oranges spinning into reds along wings and petals to form blues, purples….So many colours like rainbows glistening on crystalised glass and which followed silently on the whisper of wind to dance on your pathways narrowly missing your footsteps. The sun was high, yet the wind light as they blindfolded the sun with their brightly coloured wings as if it were a eclipse only to kill the colourful skies. They became followers to guide with a smile…. the sweetest sickness and yet the highlight of our travels. Our beautiful butterflies. šŸ˜‰

A holiday can be so easily forgotten when you get home as if in one week vanquishes all memory of what was before to be replaced with the norm. Everything returns to the way it was. Adventures cease. Yet when I returned home I was not only greeted by family or freinds but by the butterflies. Thousands littered my every move like followers guiding my every thought or footstep. A beautiful surprise and so this week i found i had to simply take a photo of these little devils, so many shapes and sizes and colours it was almost irresistable. With their constant movements these creatures became even more mischeivious. It was very hard to focus on a moving object and they seemed to know the tricky trick of moving just before the camera snapped. Although saying that I like this photo. I love how it shows of the butterflies wings which contrast with the yellowy red of the flowers against the blue sky. I also love how every peice of the flower is equally highlighted and clear as i feel that detail breally adds to the pictures compilation. However perhaps as an improvement i would have liked to remove the leaves from the background surrounding the butterfly so as to prevent the audiences focus being drawn away from the butterfly. Thankyou for reading my post again i hope you like it. šŸ™‚

p.s sorry for the small photo i had trouble with the update. šŸ˜¦

Week 26- Lullaby Lily

Week 26- Lullaby Lily

After getting back from America everything became so well known and relaxed. it was as if The holiday magic had in some ways disapeared.
Blown away with the hot air of death valley evaporated like water would in its sand, Escaped into the trees of the red woods to never be found, and lost in the LA traffic. Yet theres something satisfying about being home. I think after a while you begin to miss the little things. The little characteristics that paints a face or simply a voice. I was glad to be home.

This week I have been helping my grandad with his gardening, well attempting. It seemed once we dug out all the weeds and all the bad spots there was so much beauty uncovered it was like treasure glinting in everyones eyes and so i guess it came to a point where I could no longer fight the urge to grab my camera. šŸ˜‰ This is my faviorite photo because of its colour and use of reflection. I angled the photo purposely to ensure that you could just see the inside of the lily along with its curved petals.Ā This proved surprisingly difficult as the pond in which it lay was incredibly low so in order to get a good shot i had to bend down considerably. But that did not bother me, this lily is beautiful its colours are rich and deep. The way the algae draws attention to the flowers detail ensenuates the picture and illuminates the lilys colours.Ā  I feel the lilys reflection in the water also aids in drawing focus to the lily as it creates a shadowy silhouette which I love. I placed the lily in theĀ bottom left hand corner of the photo in order toĀ present the lilies petals as outward stratching and to add some clarity to the picture. A wider angle further emphasised the lilies shape and colour aswell as its sizeĀ which i felt related to my message this week of how looking beyond the bad and ugly partsĀ we can uncover the beauty.Ā Ā I made no adjustments to the colours intensity or brightness at all, or used photoshop in anyway as i felt it would ruin the flowers look of purity.

Week 25- Scarlet Sunset to Starry Sky

Week 25- Scarlet Sunset to Starry Sky

The sun fell against the distant secluded mountains but still blazed its pain throughout the desert in its heat, scoulding the watchers faces for gazing in wonder at its pain. The clouds shined scarlet with its frustration yet mellowed into the deep blue of its sadness i imagined it be cold in the deep blue. Once faded the sun erupted into millions of stars, such a twinkling as in its memory could be seen in the dark night sky that had ever been before. Shooting stars shot like bullets out of pistols and the milky way twinkled in my very own eyes. The most wonderful sight i had ever seen and yet such a memory cannot be captured in words or photographs.

For the last of our days in America we travelled to a place which seemed almost forgotten by life. A place which held presences from only the sand and desert fox paws marking them. It seemed so surreal from yesterday or the day before. So different to what we had previously experienced of Americas bright cities, touristic towns and clean cut mountains. The Death Valley was like nothing i had ever seen, a desert amongst its sand dunes but mountains amongst its rock. Everything about this place was beautiful. So I set to show you just a little bit of its beauty. I found it quite hard to take a photo of the sunset actually which surprised me. Sure i am fairly picky with them to start with but also the rushing wind made it hard to not wobble while trying to take the shot and caused my camera to run out of focus easily. Yet perserverence is the key šŸ˜‰ I love this photo the colours have been captured so beautifully and the mountains and landscape can be seen clearly, I only wish I could have tried to capture it from a different viewpoint, butĀ obstacles made it very hard to get a differentĀ angle of shot. All the same I think this is my faviorite so far and i only hope i have inspired at least some of you to explore America just as I did. šŸ™‚ Ā Thanks for reading.