Week 46- “Oh we all like to be beside the seaside”

Life seems so simple by the sea. The breeze so swift pirouettes and glides to whistle through ears and dance amongst thoughts, to smash them to splinters in a fist of fury so fierce it rocks the seabed. Pebbles crash to a plop on the crispy clear blue to be swallowed deep like a fish swallows plankton, the ripples erupting on the surface. Each wave smashes deep, each whistle is a song only to be captured in every seashell.

This week I was lucky to go to a study trip in Nice. Amongst the sunshine and glistening beach I actually learnt plenty of French. I chose this particular photo because its so summery, it describes the lazy days of summer perfectly as well as expressing what nice brought me, fun and headspace which is always good. I initially took this photo because I liked the layers of the sea the pebbles the froth. Alone I felt it needed a bit more so I added my shoes. The perfect colour I feel, but I believe they also add a sense of presence within the photo that everyone can relate to. Thank you for reading 🙂


Week 35- When Autumn leaves Fall

Week 35- When Autumn leaves Fall

They skitter across the floor like helpless wonders but form clusters under their branches. Forgotten. We trample, smudge and break there brittle bodies on long walks under the once green trees. Yet they take revenge when the light falls and we ponder on noises that scare us. Autumn has arrived and I will watch where I tread.

Autumn has definitely arrived this week and for me (living in such a place as Malvern) I love this time of year. It can be cold and in some ways dull but as the leaves fall from the trees I can’t help but love the colours and excitement in which it brings. Winter! 😉 So for my photo this week I chose to take a picture of the “typical” autumn scene. I love the composition within this photo as the angles within it really emphasise the pathway and the aspect of distance. In addition I chose to include the whole length of the trees within my photo in order to hint at their growth and significance within nature and autumn. This thus highlighted the trees fragile but empty branches which I feel also added to the autumn scene. Furthermore I love how the white light seeps between the empty branches, this emphasises the branches shapes which I really like and as always ( i am a artist) I admire the autumn colours that represent the nature and experience that is Malvern. Yet again Malvern has given me another way of looking at life and its beauty. Nature is beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for reading I hope you liked my post. 🙂

Week 34- Smiling through Dreams

Week 34- Smiling through Dreams

I hope someday dreams will be like honey and trickle through our minds as we sleep, that they will leave their syrupy ideas behind….. Ideas of peace, of love like fairies sprinkling their dusty wishes. I wish for once are dreams could spring free from their cage, escape to reality so that we could wollow in them and never forget, just for once we could be completely free within our own personal heaven. Maybe then we would know what she smiles at as she sleeps.

I always wonder what she dreams. The little pest she is (we all can be) is completely hidden when she falls asleep as she smiles through closed eyes and so I just had to take a picture of “this moment”. The Pale whitish/pink surrounding the puppy is my brother if anyone was wondering. And yet I feel the unexpected “border” really brings focus to the puppy as the centre of the photo as well highlighting her colours within the contrast they make. I typically centred the puppy within the photo but chose to make sure all aspects of her body were visible to thus highlight the colour contrasts explained before and to show how small and yet important she is to me and my family already. I really like this photo as it shows my puppy in a very cute light ( I am biast ) as well as complementing her features.
However there is a small amount of smudging along the bottom left hand corner and so to improve this photo I would either try and remove that using photo shop or continue blending the colours around the edges using photo shops smudging tool as I feel it creates a “soft” and subtle look to the photo additionally adding to the photos cuteness as well as highlighting its subject even more.

Week 32- One Look…… Heart Stolen

Week 32- One Look...... Heart Stolen

Sapphire pools so intricately jewelled with diamond cuts twinkeled in the soft brown tones of a pair of irises; the “puppy” of her eyes. What seemed before was forgotten. Hidden; beneath the dazzle. Yet arms still resembled the rough scars of playtime and clothes still bared small paws. Like a snake she hypnotised us…. like a teddy she brought comfortable cuteness, if she had fingers we were wrapped round them yet none of us resisted.

As you may have guessed, this week we got a puppy and already it is ruling the roost! 😉 Lets hope not forever and so I decided to choose (from the millions of photos I had taken of her already) the one photo that would express her “good” and “bad” side. It wasn’t that easy but I chose this photo. I feel the use of shading in this photo really provides a sense of light and dark; good and bad. The chiaroscuro effect in my opinion really exaggerates the puppies features and shape. My point is proven further as the one half of the puppies body is shaded suggesting perhaps a twisted personality or menace. However I love the fact that through all the “dark” in which the shading represents in this photo our puppy still resembles a look of pure innocence… a characteristic I feel is typical of her.

To improve this photo I would probably remove the white background with a almost brown/earthy material in colour because although it accentuates the shading and shapes within the photograph I feel that perhaps it is a bit to bright and can easily distract from the photographs main subject.

Thank you again for reading, please feel free to criticise/comment and I will get back to you.

Week 30- The gift of Music

Week 30- The gift of music

Music is a being that can; dance on tongues to kiss many lips, Laugh through summer days, to frolick through feilds and cause movement in everybodies limbs. She can spiral unlike any other to blast through headphones as if from a circus cannon yet float like a feather. She brings; Joy, Memories, Laughter but also sadness at her call. A face that can twist in two, both to the light and the dark.

Music is a very important part of life for my family certainly for me for I could never do without it and so many hours this week was spent videoing my brother for his future youtube videos. My brother is a very inspired guitarist writing his very own songs and melodies. This “constant” videoing made it very easy to capture some of the magic for my photo this week. I dimmed the lights in order to silhoette the guitar with the natural light which helpfully beamed through the window. This created a chiaroscuro effect along the base of the guitar as well as my brothers hands which I really love. I chose not to involve my brothers features other then his hands within the photo in order to allow focus on the guitar and its importace as the instrument.
I love this photograph for its simple yet effective outlook but would have liked to further experiment with the expression of what music gives us as I feel in my opinion this photograph does not express the joy or laughter music has brought me many a time which is probably due to its use of shadows. Perhaps a future post will be used to express that. Thankyou again for reading. I will see you next week. 🙂

Week 29- College to Capture Dreams

Week 29- College to Capture Dreams

Dear Diary….
This week signals my first week of college and my nerves have risen high already. The thought has become a enveloping worry hanging heavy on my heart so much so I can’t stop thinking about it. What if I make no freinds? Should I stay or should I try it out? My minds a mess floating around like my spaghetti like curls…. Will I even be okay?
Night from Tash.

To prevent any of you nice people worrying i don’t have a diary and yet my first day in college is sneeking closer with every minute. My photo this week captures my hopes of what the college will be like. I presented the dandelion seed in this photo as my very own dream as this symbol is widely used to represent a wish or freedom. Unfortunately this seed was captured in a spider web which I have accomodated as a symbol for the college. As you could probably tell i dont produce/create spider webs and neither have I been able to catch a wish so this photo was a very happy fluke which managed to snap my feelings with the beauty of simplicity and symbolism. I really like this photo and feel the dust and misty outlook of the photo (caused by the window in which it was taken behind) only adds to its sense of mystery. The green colour present in the background from nearby bushes further highlights the seed with its tonal grey furs and dusty sparks surrounding it, which I beleive can only symbolise the many others in my same position this week. This creative photo is one I really like for its sense of mysticality and relation to my wishes. Thankyou for reading and wish me luck! 😉

Week 28- The Resulting Showdown

Week 28- TheResulting Showdown

Cold stares locked with a silence. The only movement being the swish of her entrance behind her as she stood eyes locked on her all to close future hanging in suspense. It lay against the table lazily glaring back at her as its eyes sparked with the roar of bullets a situation that it hoped for. Fingers twitched in western admiration as eyes narrowed to blank a fear. Circling, the click of high heeled boots hit her path peircing the silence like spurs would on cowboy boots. The fear was clear in her own eyes as she drew ever closer only to feel the shocks pump her own heart to bleed with worry, the feeling she masked with a face to match her opponents white paper. Her name became clear amongst his features as his menace still remained twisted in his auburny outfit. Breath caught. fingers continued to twitch whilst the silence weakened to a BANG. Hands darted as the victor emerged holding the other in a death grip, no longer scared she stood on the precipise, the final victor amongst her neverending foe. Her future was clear and yet she remained still present with shock. Eyes widened as she opened her prisoners inner treasure still holding him in a dead lock, she smiled with triumph. Worry lept away.

This post marks my ever daunting results day. A day that presented itself a few weeks ago mind but never the less deserved a photo, a week catch up. I chose to use a model in my photo in order to present emotion, partcularly the worry/fear i felt at that time aswell as to express the situation realisticly. I chose to only use the top part of my models face as I personally beleive the eyes to be the “entrance to the soul” and felt the other parts would only distract from the message. Therefore I positioned the paper to cover as the eyes just peer over the top, purposely the paper takes up most of the picture to signify its importance and yet also to highlight the confused eyes in the top half of the photograph which I beleive works very well. The confused/worried look on my models face is intentional to suggest the emotions I too felt on my results day. Overall I like this photo because of its significance and character and would like to experiment with aspects like facial expressions in relation to emotion further in my future posts. I hope you like it as much as I do and thankyou for reading. 🙂