Week 51- The Allusive Butterfly Orchid

nice 020

Feet seemed aloof within the tall specks of green, the colours so vivid like an artists sunset. Curves spilt to leak droplets like shrieks of colour running down a page, while bony legs with brittle wings hid in the dark as footsteps reverberated the ground underneath. Soldiers attacked catapulting through the wind with a parachute with spider web symmetry, only to be caught by a child hoping for a wish. The green structures once growing tall lay broken behind the tracks of trainers as we searched for that one treasure. Once caught would we kill it too?

This week I went to a natures reserve with school. Our guide showed us many interesting things, the allusive butterfly orchid (look it up its pretty) as well as how to take the measurement of the number of plant species in a set area, (it was more interesting then it sounds). But for a man who loved nature and protected so many plant species it didn’t half bug me how much he loved to stumble over everything! Even now I find myself fuming at the thought of it, by the end I could have yelled, (getting angry at someone is not a very common thing for me). I felt guilty myself when he forced us to plod among those vast fields of wild flowers, it allowed me to imagine what those “underneath” felt as we destroyed their homes very daily. I took this shot as an observation of that viewpoint. I took it from a low angle and tilted the camera upwards to portray the thought of a smaller being and to also show the creeping members of my school to portray the other member of my description. The low angle also allowed me to capture the beautiful array of colours within the fields (people who read my posts regularly would know I love my colours) as well as little taps of detail that I feel added that little bit more to the photo. My only dislike about this photo came with the presence of the wind. It became troublesome as my camera found it hard to focus. Other then that I like this photo and I hope you do to 🙂 thanks for reading.


Week 27- My Butterfly followers

grandad 441Summer blooms like spring whilst the flutterbys spiral unaware in the sky blue, yellows become oranges spinning into reds along wings and petals to form blues, purples….So many colours like rainbows glistening on crystalised glass and which followed silently on the whisper of wind to dance on your pathways narrowly missing your footsteps. The sun was high, yet the wind light as they blindfolded the sun with their brightly coloured wings as if it were a eclipse only to kill the colourful skies. They became followers to guide with a smile…. the sweetest sickness and yet the highlight of our travels. Our beautiful butterflies. 😉

A holiday can be so easily forgotten when you get home as if in one week vanquishes all memory of what was before to be replaced with the norm. Everything returns to the way it was. Adventures cease. Yet when I returned home I was not only greeted by family or freinds but by the butterflies. Thousands littered my every move like followers guiding my every thought or footstep. A beautiful surprise and so this week i found i had to simply take a photo of these little devils, so many shapes and sizes and colours it was almost irresistable. With their constant movements these creatures became even more mischeivious. It was very hard to focus on a moving object and they seemed to know the tricky trick of moving just before the camera snapped. Although saying that I like this photo. I love how it shows of the butterflies wings which contrast with the yellowy red of the flowers against the blue sky. I also love how every peice of the flower is equally highlighted and clear as i feel that detail breally adds to the pictures compilation. However perhaps as an improvement i would have liked to remove the leaves from the background surrounding the butterfly so as to prevent the audiences focus being drawn away from the butterfly. Thankyou for reading my post again i hope you like it. 🙂

p.s sorry for the small photo i had trouble with the update. 😦