Week 52- Speckles or Splashes

hiwhewi 783

Speckles bleached speckles on brown to white, while drops dashed on deep dark blue. The rocks gleamed algae green, a trip hazard for every young flipper. As the pale sunlight casually gleamed on slimy skin. We lazed there like sleepy sirens singing on the rocks, playing like puppies swimming in the sea a way no human would experience. The time flew by when we heard the roaring splash of the waves, the lazy chug of the running motor ever more slow each and every time we heard it, I looked through sleepy eyes at the weird concoction as the noise stopped and it glided closer. A frequent event but ever the more strange as silence fell and we looked up. every time it looked different, colours, shapes, movement and just for a moment we would look up and see. Then the pained motor would start and just like that it would be gone and the splash of the roaring waves along with it.

I love Ireland, it has to be one of my favourite places in the world. The mass of the countryside the beautiful landscape and the welcoming feeling that spells “home”. I took this picture when in Kerry, we were travelling to a small yet exquisite Ireland off the coast, filled with gorgeously exotic plants and amazing colours. It was astonishingly beautiful. If it weren’t for the man-eating midges it would have been perfect.
As with many of my photos I was quite lucky after all I don’t speak seal and yet I chose to angle the photo so as to incorporate talking space into my photo. My main focus was the seal on the rock it just so happened my talking and waving worked so maybe I do speak seal. Its beautiful pose really makes this photo special, combined with the contrast of dark and light present by the dark sea and the bright green countryside, I couldn’t be happier. This photo definitely holds some fond memories.


Week 44- Those Sleepy Morning Blues

Week 44- Those Sleepy Morning Blues

Strained eyes look wearily on through those slated dunes, upon the similar….. stopping to glare at the energetic and small in eviled envy thrown into the fire of annoyance. The train screeches as the elbow falls to leave a shock so embarrassed it blushes, while the hum of ipods ring in ears. The eyes slumber the body withers like a flower in winter its petals fall glistening through the floor to the soft duvet of sleep. Those sleepy morning blues.

A true photographer sees in photos, so as the opposite train screeched past I could not resist and I must admit I love this photo. It was such a “chance shot” but I have to say the sun really emphasise the slump of the college student the loneliness of the train and the sparks of dust through the train windows. The dust triggers the feeling of “deja vous”. The photo becomes almost a familiar relic glazed by dust which expresses just how often and dull these moments can be. I love it! it perfectly resembles my morning blues. I chose not to edit this photo because in truth I did not feel it needed it. I hope you like it too thank you for liking my post and following me.