Week 48- Burning with Fear

Week 48-

At some point we must open our eyes and what will we see? will we see glass, or the distant figure of fish and fin, hear the prod of paws on glass or roars of laughter, will we smell the fresh air or fear, as we look out. Shall we scare for our amusement?
I chose this photo because I believe that it triggers a deep sense of emotion and meaning. This fish, not being human expresses such a expression of shock and surprise that is almost chilling. This photo was captured in a aquarium in Monaco. I do not like aquariums personally I find them to be sadistic and cruel. Nothing should be captured for our amusement however beautiful they are. While reluctantly exploring I spotted a sleepy fellow, this fish was so beautiful the bright orange amongst the purple pebbles resembled flames. But I suppose he must have heard the camera click 😉 This look of pure terror subsided and yet it made me hate aquariums all the more.
I chose to “place” my subject within the photo slightly to the right for to show the array of colours and the environment in which it lived. I had to kneel for to get at “eye level” which I feel further stresses the emotion on the subjects face and captures the true sense of shock as it looks straight through you. Thankyou for looking/ reading… Again! 😉