Week 46- “Oh we all like to be beside the seaside”

Life seems so simple by the sea. The breeze so swift pirouettes and glides to whistle through ears and dance amongst thoughts, to smash them to splinters in a fist of fury so fierce it rocks the seabed. Pebbles crash to a plop on the crispy clear blue to be swallowed deep like a fish swallows plankton, the ripples erupting on the surface. Each wave smashes deep, each whistle is a song only to be captured in every seashell.

This week I was lucky to go to a study trip in Nice. Amongst the sunshine and glistening beach I actually learnt plenty of French. I chose this particular photo because its so summery, it describes the lazy days of summer perfectly as well as expressing what nice brought me, fun and headspace which is always good. I initially took this photo because I liked the layers of the sea the pebbles the froth. Alone I felt it needed a bit more so I added my shoes. The perfect colour I feel, but I believe they also add a sense of presence within the photo that everyone can relate to. Thank you for reading 🙂


Week 45- Daisy Chain Dreaming

Week 45- Daisy Chain Dreaming

It beamed happiness of yellow and white of pure. Shone glee as big as the sea with a twinkle that whooshed, like a glistening wave upon shocked rocks. It sang sweet sorrows when the rain dropped fierce and bright ballads when the sun shined bold. For it grew with every raindrop and wallowed in every ray. Soon it will be big, soon it will be strong but it will still be shining its beam of happiness and its white of pure.

This week I wanted to experiment. I took a small and “cute” subject matter so as to see what I could do. I love it, this particular effect is called colour pop, a handy tool on my new phone which allows me to snap those different colours bright and dull. I believe it creates a sense of “young and old” it is the combination of black and greys with whites and greens that really emphasises the past and present in this photo. A contrast subtle yet strong. I personally do not think this needs any Improvements and I would not know where to start either. 😉 but I am always open for suggestions. Thank you for reading! 🙂

Week 44- Those Sleepy Morning Blues

Week 44- Those Sleepy Morning Blues

Strained eyes look wearily on through those slated dunes, upon the similar….. stopping to glare at the energetic and small in eviled envy thrown into the fire of annoyance. The train screeches as the elbow falls to leave a shock so embarrassed it blushes, while the hum of ipods ring in ears. The eyes slumber the body withers like a flower in winter its petals fall glistening through the floor to the soft duvet of sleep. Those sleepy morning blues.

A true photographer sees in photos, so as the opposite train screeched past I could not resist and I must admit I love this photo. It was such a “chance shot” but I have to say the sun really emphasise the slump of the college student the loneliness of the train and the sparks of dust through the train windows. The dust triggers the feeling of “deja vous”. The photo becomes almost a familiar relic glazed by dust which expresses just how often and dull these moments can be. I love it! it perfectly resembles my morning blues. I chose not to edit this photo because in truth I did not feel it needed it. I hope you like it too thank you for liking my post and following me.

Week 43- The Sun and its Jealous Sky

Week 43- The Sun and its Jealous Sky

Seeming so simple that orange orb so innocent when looked on by small eyes, so reachable when grasped for by little chubby fingers. But yet we grow old and it stays the same, that ball of gold the twinkle in our eyes. Every year it never changes. It dances on our faces, shrieks down through our blades of grass and sometimes never appears.
Its jealous sky looks on with its envious blue; sick in the face at its golden glory, only because it knows whenever the sun comes out millions of smiles glow.

Now this is a very late post, originally taken in the new year as a symbol of “new beginning” but I guess things just get in the way. All the same I love this photo simply because of the way the sun has completely taken it over as it does everywhere. The colours are beautiful, (I must admit a bit enhanced by editing) but still it brings me memories that I will cherish and I am glad to share it with you. I woke up extremely early to catch this photo and captured this shot exhausted after running up hills, I didn’t need to do much experimenting or any fancy camera stuff I will admit, this was just one of those moments when I just became a tool to treasure a perfect moment. Thank you and I hope you like my post.

Week 42- Furs?!

Week 42- Furs?!

Fingertips rested amongst the fashioned silks of old like so many before, they grazed the matted texture of synthetic reality and stumbled on the ultimate fakeness. We danced like giddy school girls seeing there faviorite boy band… pushed and shoved to get the closest, to get there first. Shoes, bags, dresses and furs no matter what they were; crowded. The money was out.

This week i went to the clothes show with my friends, i have been a lucky girl. 😉 It was crazy which just goes to show what girls are like with clothes. I was one of them. I wanted a photo that expressed the show; i first thought of photographing the crowd which was ultimately the most evident part but the photos gave me nothing but people. I took photos of my freinds to express the fun of it but somthing still wasn’t there. It got to the point where i had taken photos of many things but the one thing we all came here for. Clothes.
Amongst all of the photos i had taken there was one that stood out the most, maybe it was the gradual loss of colour from front to back or the loss of focus in the same direction but i love this photo. The focus on the first coat is beautiful, you can see every strand and the casual interlude of my freinds spotty arm though unintentional adds an effect to clash so subtly. Furs definately in now ladies. 🙂 I also chose to bend down towards the coat racks getting on the same level so as to almost suggest i was that little girl so excited to shop; peering through the coats happily. An effect just perfect at symbolising how i felt. I hope you like my photo, feel free to comment or like. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Week 41- “Food Glorious Food”

The sick sense of sweetness drifted through the stalls to linger under twitching noses; exciting eyes. Ears heard the sizzles and pops of oil on pans and lips welcomed the tantalising taste to dance on their tongues and it was glorious.

This week we went to the good food show, this was a annual visit as we go every year. As always it was full of delights like plenty of sausages, chutney and ofcourse all those adults loved the wine. 😉 It also included alot of sugary goodies and well i had to take a photo! I loved how the treats were stacked this enabled me to use “levels” within my photo giving it a edge. There was so many goodies that it was very easy to take a photo that expressed just how full i felt. I would have eaten them all in a heartbeat. As you can tell i chose to zoom in on the most evident of dohnuts, the chocolate one ofcourse. this was because i thought it stood out the most and had the most colour (making a good subject matter). Again i think it is the layers or stacks of treats that make this photo, even in the background they can be seen. It truly makes your mouth water and is a great representation of the good food show…. SO MUCH FOOD!! 😀

Week 40- Digging for Gold

Week 40- Digging for Gold

For what she was searching for noone knows, but once abandoned the twisted remains of wrappers and toys trampled with dirt could be clearly seen. the garden that surrounded the ball of mischief was heavy with dirt and that sodden with pawprints. The guilty fingerprint of whom had hurt the poor flowers which resided there.

It never ceases to amase me how much mischeif one puppy can make. Yet i love this photo, it just proves how distructive and altering a new addition to the family can be. I angled the photo so as to hide her face but diliberately included items such as the watering can to create the “garden scene” and to add some colour which complimented the puppies colours. i really like this photo it has a sense of mischief and the composition really focuses on that. The colours are earthy tones and thus capture the typical puppy action nicely. Thankyou very much for reading. 🙂