Week 43- The Sun and its Jealous Sky

Week 43- The Sun and its Jealous Sky

Seeming so simple that orange orb so innocent when looked on by small eyes, so reachable when grasped for by little chubby fingers. But yet we grow old and it stays the same, that ball of gold the twinkle in our eyes. Every year it never changes. It dances on our faces, shrieks down through our blades of grass and sometimes never appears.
Its jealous sky looks on with its envious blue; sick in the face at its golden glory, only because it knows whenever the sun comes out millions of smiles glow.

Now this is a very late post, originally taken in the new year as a symbol of “new beginning” but I guess things just get in the way. All the same I love this photo simply because of the way the sun has completely taken it over as it does everywhere. The colours are beautiful, (I must admit a bit enhanced by editing) but still it brings me memories that I will cherish and I am glad to share it with you. I woke up extremely early to catch this photo and captured this shot exhausted after running up hills, I didn’t need to do much experimenting or any fancy camera stuff I will admit, this was just one of those moments when I just became a tool to treasure a perfect moment. Thank you and I hope you like my post.


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