Week 42- Furs?!

Week 42- Furs?!

Fingertips rested amongst the fashioned silks of old like so many before, they grazed the matted texture of synthetic reality and stumbled on the ultimate fakeness. We danced like giddy school girls seeing there faviorite boy band… pushed and shoved to get the closest, to get there first. Shoes, bags, dresses and furs no matter what they were; crowded. The money was out.

This week i went to the clothes show with my friends, i have been a lucky girl. 😉 It was crazy which just goes to show what girls are like with clothes. I was one of them. I wanted a photo that expressed the show; i first thought of photographing the crowd which was ultimately the most evident part but the photos gave me nothing but people. I took photos of my freinds to express the fun of it but somthing still wasn’t there. It got to the point where i had taken photos of many things but the one thing we all came here for. Clothes.
Amongst all of the photos i had taken there was one that stood out the most, maybe it was the gradual loss of colour from front to back or the loss of focus in the same direction but i love this photo. The focus on the first coat is beautiful, you can see every strand and the casual interlude of my freinds spotty arm though unintentional adds an effect to clash so subtly. Furs definately in now ladies. 🙂 I also chose to bend down towards the coat racks getting on the same level so as to almost suggest i was that little girl so excited to shop; peering through the coats happily. An effect just perfect at symbolising how i felt. I hope you like my photo, feel free to comment or like. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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