Week 40- Digging for Gold

Week 40- Digging for Gold

For what she was searching for noone knows, but once abandoned the twisted remains of wrappers and toys trampled with dirt could be clearly seen. the garden that surrounded the ball of mischief was heavy with dirt and that sodden with pawprints. The guilty fingerprint of whom had hurt the poor flowers which resided there.

It never ceases to amase me how much mischeif one puppy can make. Yet i love this photo, it just proves how distructive and altering a new addition to the family can be. I angled the photo so as to hide her face but diliberately included items such as the watering can to create the “garden scene” and to add some colour which complimented the puppies colours. i really like this photo it has a sense of mischief and the composition really focuses on that. The colours are earthy tones and thus capture the typical puppy action nicely. Thankyou very much for reading. 🙂


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