Week 38- A Late post, Remembered

tashas photos I 033

It was just last month when we took a moment of silence to remember those behind the poppies crimson petals and burnt black seed….. just a month ago when we prayed for the families who shed saddened teardrops for their loved ones who fought a war so many have. Just a month and we were singing, a month and we were praying, crying. Just a month.
I hope someday war will cease thats what i will pray for…. peace.”

This photo was taken on remembrance sunday, i take part in the remembrance parade every year. this year was no exception and so once i was all dressed up i chose to take a picture. I wanted the poppy to be the centre of the photo and so i chose to position myself before the lantern in order to highlight the poppy with the light, (easier said then done). I thought the crimson tie complimented the poppy which helped to highlight it even more. In order to highlight the poppy further i chose to zoom in at first but found i preferred the clash in which the uniform combined presented. I also chose to include the pieces of uniform as a symbolic metaphor for the soldiers in which we were remembering. Also towards the top of the photo it becomes slightly blurry round the nape of the shirt. an effect unintentional at the time but effective as it sets almost a background for the poppy again making it the centre of our attention I decided not to show my face or skin in the photograph so as not to distract from the soul message.
Overall, i like this photo it is simple yet effective in symbolising the message in which it represents. .Thankyou.


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