Week 37- Busy, Traumatic Yet Beautiful

Week 37- Busy, Traumatic Yet Beautiful

We often never realise just how fast life goes, its dazzling inticement grips us with a smile….. the beauty of the people we meet the things we see only dazes us as we lose yet more precious seconds to its welcome embrace. But I will let you into a little secret…. I hope it never slows.

When i took this photo, i was experimenting with speed and colour and yet i feel it suits this point perfectly. I have been in my own “dizzy daydream” lately what with christmas, college and birthdays i found myself unable to find the time to post, but how i have missed it. So it seemed fitting to use this picture.

I used my Samsung galaxy S2 to take this photo. When i took this photo it was autumn, and as always the autumn colours seemed to fascinate me. But taking a ordinary picture of them just wasn’t enough. Previously in the week i had suffered from a period of fainting which thus inspired me to experiment with speed, thus spinning. 🙂 In my opinion it worked beautifully, the colours blend into one another which i love, framing the movement in such a way that increased throughout the photo. It is almost like a painted masterpiece, artistic.  However it no longer reminds me of my experience or autumn it reminds me now of life; how busy, traumatic yet beautiful it can be.
Thankyou for reading, there will be many more posts coming your way very soon, i hope you all had a lovely christmas. 🙂


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