Week 36- The Skies Tears Drop

Week 36- The skies Teardrops

A drop so pear shaped in vigour and alone in solitude whistled down the skies cold cheek as blue as its creator. it spiralled and contorted ready to splatter its emotions on the fabrics of life below. To become one with the plants and dance…..

The wonders of autumn has only brought us malverners with more and more rain. Water droplets have always fascinated me, the many photos i have seen experimenting with water only grew my curiosity and so I ventured out into the rain…. I enjoyed taking this photo because it allowed me to experiment with the different settings on my camera more then I would have normally. I chose to use shutter mood, combined with flash for this photo as I felt it gave the best look. This particular plant I found after scowering the garden, it was unique as it held the droplets on its leaves. as you can tell the glistening balls of silver really captures the “light” and colour below. I really love how clear the droplets appear within this photo, it is in the typical style of those I have seen before which was what I wanted. I love it, I find this photo to be one that will always remind me of how intricately beautiful nature can be, from the smallest of teardrops. Thank you for reading my post, I am sorry it has been so long. I hope you like it! 🙂


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