Week 35- When Autumn leaves Fall

Week 35- When Autumn leaves Fall

They skitter across the floor like helpless wonders but form clusters under their branches. Forgotten. We trample, smudge and break there brittle bodies on long walks under the once green trees. Yet they take revenge when the light falls and we ponder on noises that scare us. Autumn has arrived and I will watch where I tread.

Autumn has definitely arrived this week and for me (living in such a place as Malvern) I love this time of year. It can be cold and in some ways dull but as the leaves fall from the trees I can’t help but love the colours and excitement in which it brings. Winter! 😉 So for my photo this week I chose to take a picture of the “typical” autumn scene. I love the composition within this photo as the angles within it really emphasise the pathway and the aspect of distance. In addition I chose to include the whole length of the trees within my photo in order to hint at their growth and significance within nature and autumn. This thus highlighted the trees fragile but empty branches which I feel also added to the autumn scene. Furthermore I love how the white light seeps between the empty branches, this emphasises the branches shapes which I really like and as always ( i am a artist) I admire the autumn colours that represent the nature and experience that is Malvern. Yet again Malvern has given me another way of looking at life and its beauty. Nature is beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for reading I hope you liked my post. 🙂


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