Week 34- Smiling through Dreams

Week 34- Smiling through Dreams

I hope someday dreams will be like honey and trickle through our minds as we sleep, that they will leave their syrupy ideas behind….. Ideas of peace, of love like fairies sprinkling their dusty wishes. I wish for once are dreams could spring free from their cage, escape to reality so that we could wollow in them and never forget, just for once we could be completely free within our own personal heaven. Maybe then we would know what she smiles at as she sleeps.

I always wonder what she dreams. The little pest she is (we all can be) is completely hidden when she falls asleep as she smiles through closed eyes and so I just had to take a picture of “this moment”. The Pale whitish/pink surrounding the puppy is my brother if anyone was wondering. And yet I feel the unexpected “border” really brings focus to the puppy as the centre of the photo as well highlighting her colours within the contrast they make. I typically centred the puppy within the photo but chose to make sure all aspects of her body were visible to thus highlight the colour contrasts explained before and to show how small and yet important she is to me and my family already. I really like this photo as it shows my puppy in a very cute light ( I am biast ) as well as complementing her features.
However there is a small amount of smudging along the bottom left hand corner and so to improve this photo I would either try and remove that using photo shop or continue blending the colours around the edges using photo shops smudging tool as I feel it creates a “soft” and subtle look to the photo additionally adding to the photos cuteness as well as highlighting its subject even more.


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