Week 33- Flying High

Week 33- Flying High

A pierce in ears so sharp it tingles cuts threw the misty smoke, giving rise to the excitement and eagerness of which was spoke. The red and blue gleam on the big birds wings only etch union jack colours across the sky as it dances. Spiral after spiral and yet the rumbling roar of engine and fan are only greeted by the familiar oohs and arghs of entertainment as eyes watch fixed on its gleaming tail feathers. Still when the skies glow dark and the eyes wither away, my eyes still remain just to ponder….. what would it be like to fly?

We live close to a showground and this week was the autumn show. I chose this photograph because of its colours its detail and it’s simplicity. I didn’t expect to get such a detailed picture of the plane after widening my shot so far and yet I believe you can still see its structure and colour clearly. I took photos both days in which the show was on and on the second day my photos became clearer still. However I feel within this shot we have a blend of colours combined with a little contrast, from the grey blue of the sky to the silver gleam in the planes wings tinged with red. I prefer this in comparison to the bright contrast of colours present in the shots afterwards. Furthermore, I feel the use of “talking space” within this photo really adds to the photographs subtlety. I love how the planes trail can be seen glimmering through the sky behind it as if disappearing into its colour, its almost as if an artist has bleached it away with their paintbrush. Also I love the fact that the plane is just a extra “addition” to the photograph. I intended to express the plane as “part of the sky” and so rather then zooming into it using my camera I decided to place it to the side as well as widening my shot. I think these processes were effective in getting across the idea I wanted and so I really enjoyed taking and capturing this photo. Thank you as always for reading and I hope you like my photo. 🙂


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