Week 32- One Look…… Heart Stolen

Week 32- One Look...... Heart Stolen

Sapphire pools so intricately jewelled with diamond cuts twinkeled in the soft brown tones of a pair of irises; the “puppy” of her eyes. What seemed before was forgotten. Hidden; beneath the dazzle. Yet arms still resembled the rough scars of playtime and clothes still bared small paws. Like a snake she hypnotised us…. like a teddy she brought comfortable cuteness, if she had fingers we were wrapped round them yet none of us resisted.

As you may have guessed, this week we got a puppy and already it is ruling the roost! đŸ˜‰ Lets hope not forever and so I decided to choose (from the millions of photos I had taken of her already) the one photo that would express her “good” and “bad” side. It wasn’t that easy but I chose this photo. I feel the use of shading in this photo really provides a sense of light and dark; good and bad. The chiaroscuro effect in my opinion really exaggerates the puppies features and shape. My point is proven further as the one half of the puppies body is shaded suggesting perhaps a twisted personality or menace. However I love the fact that through all the “dark” in which the shading represents in this photo our puppy still resembles a look of pure innocence… a characteristic I feel is typical of her.

To improve this photo I would probably remove the white background with a almost brown/earthy material in colour because although it accentuates the shading and shapes within the photograph I feel that perhaps it is a bit to bright and can easily distract from the photographs main subject.

Thank you again for reading, please feel free to criticise/comment and I will get back to you.


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