Week 31- Dreary Dew-Days

Week 31- Dreary Dew-Days

The familiar sleepy haze of morn left the wonderers dripped and drained like the raindrops around them, their cosy cotton duvets were now only their wishes; a dream of a soft sweet sleep. Faces burned cold as rose scarred their cheeks and numbed their fingers. Eyes became bloodshot, colour of; blues, greens, reds as weak wrists ad stubbed fingers rubbed them out of sleep.

Misty haze shone grey, the colour inbetween dreams. It sweeped between the lifeless crowd with cold chills and greeted the now unpleasant rain as a partner in crime tormenting the wanderers so…….. A long wait for a whistle, a long wait for independence.

Hello friends its been a long time I know, the days of college have been drearily drawn together in their patterns it seems and I am so busy I don’t know which way to turn. I chose this photo to describe how dreary and dull life can be but also to express how fast a change can become the norm. This photo was taken at my nearby train station. To go to college I have to catch a train every day, a change in itself really and I never liked trains. The colours exemplified in this photograph are in my opinion typical of winter. Blues, greys and whites all highlight the cold winter months as much as a hat or gloves and so I took the opportunity to envelope these colours into my photograph. I also took advantage of my friend and his rather nice shoes as well to add a sense of presence within my photo. I also took account of the white writing on the platform as I felt it created a sense of realism and of life which could also potentially trigger a casual memory in my viewers/readers clever minds. Overall I really like this photo, I feel the colours compliment each other and the situation, the use of writing and the use of a “model” creates again a sense of reality. I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for reading, have a good weekend! 🙂


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