Week 30- The gift of Music

Week 30- The gift of music

Music is a being that can; dance on tongues to kiss many lips, Laugh through summer days, to frolick through feilds and cause movement in everybodies limbs. She can spiral unlike any other to blast through headphones as if from a circus cannon yet float like a feather. She brings; Joy, Memories, Laughter but also sadness at her call. A face that can twist in two, both to the light and the dark.

Music is a very important part of life for my family certainly for me for I could never do without it and so many hours this week was spent videoing my brother for his future youtube videos. My brother is a very inspired guitarist writing his very own songs and melodies. This “constant” videoing made it very easy to capture some of the magic for my photo this week. I dimmed the lights in order to silhoette the guitar with the natural light which helpfully beamed through the window. This created a chiaroscuro effect along the base of the guitar as well as my brothers hands which I really love. I chose not to involve my brothers features other then his hands within the photo in order to allow focus on the guitar and its importace as the instrument.
I love this photograph for its simple yet effective outlook but would have liked to further experiment with the expression of what music gives us as I feel in my opinion this photograph does not express the joy or laughter music has brought me many a time which is probably due to its use of shadows. Perhaps a future post will be used to express that. Thankyou again for reading. I will see you next week. đŸ™‚


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