Week 29- College to Capture Dreams

Week 29- College to Capture Dreams

Dear Diary….
This week signals my first week of college and my nerves have risen high already. The thought has become a enveloping worry hanging heavy on my heart so much so I can’t stop thinking about it. What if I make no freinds? Should I stay or should I try it out? My minds a mess floating around like my spaghetti like curls…. Will I even be okay?
Night from Tash.

To prevent any of you nice people worrying i don’t have a diary and yet my first day in college is sneeking closer with every minute. My photo this week captures my hopes of what the college will be like. I presented the dandelion seed in this photo as my very own dream as this symbol is widely used to represent a wish or freedom. Unfortunately this seed was captured in a spider web which I have accomodated as a symbol for the college. As you could probably tell i dont produce/create spider webs and neither have I been able to catch a wish so this photo was a very happy fluke which managed to snap my feelings with the beauty of simplicity and symbolism. I really like this photo and feel the dust and misty outlook of the photo (caused by the window in which it was taken behind) only adds to its sense of mystery. The green colour present in the background from nearby bushes further highlights the seed with its tonal grey furs and dusty sparks surrounding it, which I beleive can only symbolise the many others in my same position this week. This creative photo is one I really like for its sense of mysticality and relation to my wishes. Thankyou for reading and wish me luck! πŸ˜‰


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