Week 28- The Resulting Showdown

Week 28- TheResulting Showdown

Cold stares locked with a silence. The only movement being the swish of her entrance behind her as she stood eyes locked on her all to close future hanging in suspense. It lay against the table lazily glaring back at her as its eyes sparked with the roar of bullets a situation that it hoped for. Fingers twitched in western admiration as eyes narrowed to blank a fear. Circling, the click of high heeled boots hit her path peircing the silence like spurs would on cowboy boots. The fear was clear in her own eyes as she drew ever closer only to feel the shocks pump her own heart to bleed with worry, the feeling she masked with a face to match her opponents white paper. Her name became clear amongst his features as his menace still remained twisted in his auburny outfit. Breath caught. fingers continued to twitch whilst the silence weakened to a BANG. Hands darted as the victor emerged holding the other in a death grip, no longer scared she stood on the precipise, the final victor amongst her neverending foe. Her future was clear and yet she remained still present with shock. Eyes widened as she opened her prisoners inner treasure still holding him in a dead lock, she smiled with triumph. Worry lept away.

This post marks my ever daunting results day. A day that presented itself a few weeks ago mind but never the less deserved a photo, a week catch up. I chose to use a model in my photo in order to present emotion, partcularly the worry/fear i felt at that time aswell as to express the situation realisticly. I chose to only use the top part of my models face as I personally beleive the eyes to be the “entrance to the soul” and felt the other parts would only distract from the message. Therefore I positioned the paper to cover as the eyes just peer over the top, purposely the paper takes up most of the picture to signify its importance and yet also to highlight the confused eyes in the top half of the photograph which I beleive works very well. The confused/worried look on my models face is intentional to suggest the emotions I too felt on my results day. Overall I like this photo because of its significance and character and would like to experiment with aspects like facial expressions in relation to emotion further in my future posts. I hope you like it as much as I do and thankyou for reading. 🙂


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