Week 25- Scarlet Sunset to Starry Sky

Week 25- Scarlet Sunset to Starry Sky

The sun fell against the distant secluded mountains but still blazed its pain throughout the desert in its heat, scoulding the watchers faces for gazing in wonder at its pain. The clouds shined scarlet with its frustration yet mellowed into the deep blue of its sadness i imagined it be cold in the deep blue. Once faded the sun erupted into millions of stars, such a twinkling as in its memory could be seen in the dark night sky that had ever been before. Shooting stars shot like bullets out of pistols and the milky way twinkled in my very own eyes. The most wonderful sight i had ever seen and yet such a memory cannot be captured in words or photographs.

For the last of our days in America we travelled to a place which seemed almost forgotten by life. A place which held presences from only the sand and desert fox paws marking them. It seemed so surreal from yesterday or the day before. So different to what we had previously experienced of Americas bright cities, touristic towns and clean cut mountains. The Death Valley was like nothing i had ever seen, a desert amongst its sand dunes but mountains amongst its rock. Everything about this place was beautiful. So I set to show you just a little bit of its beauty. I found it quite hard to take a photo of the sunset actually which surprised me. Sure i am fairly picky with them to start with but also the rushing wind made it hard to not wobble while trying to take the shot and caused my camera to run out of focus easily. Yet perserverence is the key 😉 I love this photo the colours have been captured so beautifully and the mountains and landscape can be seen clearly, I only wish I could have tried to capture it from a different viewpoint, but obstacles made it very hard to get a different angle of shot. All the same I think this is my faviorite so far and i only hope i have inspired at least some of you to explore America just as I did. 🙂  Thanks for reading.


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