Week 24- “Hold up, how big that tree?!”

The suns light dappled through its needing leaves to spiral a bright green emmersed with yellow amongst the blue of the sky. The leaves lay in the breeze of the wind untouched by a humans destructive hands but high above whatever could harm them. Seemingly so untouched by cruelty the canopy became a clarity of paradise. The thought to see above those leaves, to just peek above its glistening green and shelter in the mothers arms….. became so evidently so that the urge was only silenced by the boystrous bark that gave no foothold. “Maybe heavens up there?”. It was not for us feeble beings to know but the entrances roots stood firm burrowed deep yet surfacing above the soil like the earth was the sea and its roots the tidal wave. So small we were beside it, not even a thought in our parents minds was our aged compared, as insignificant as a speck of sand to unappreciated unbeleivable treasure. A hug could not cover the barks shape, no giant could measure its size. A bodyguard to only protect paradise. The woods a club, the animals its members. I only wished to be invited. 🙂

Whilst in America we travelled and oh what you can see that only makes you feel so insignifacantly small! We travelled long and far and America only to be shocked and halted in wonder at the sight of such beauty! This picture is from the red woods a place that I found incredible! No doubt a place you could get lost in or worse but also a place of adventure, of wildlife and above all a place of nature. It was like walking into a dream, a place with no remenents of man not even a footprint in the soil. Leaves lay willingly on the floor from the past autumn instead of in peices from a harsh pick from home. Bark was no longer scared of the ricocheting of the chain saw but grew high and strong higher then any sky scraper and bigger then any cathedral. My eyes just watched, feet stepping carefully to avoid the rebellious roots that intended to trip and torment me like sea monsters lurking in their sea. My ears just listened the tweet of a bird spiraling like it would in the air on the remaining wind, a scatter of a chipmunk filled my ears like it would fill its mouth with nuts. It was wonderful. I wanted to show you just how magnificent it was, to show you just how it shook me inside and out and so i chose to take what seemed to be a simple photo, (as always). I took the photo from down below tilting the camera upwards to represent the trees tall structure. I wanted the sunlight to be within the photo but wished the trunk to be the main focus and the greens of the leaves to be just as evident and so i centered the trunk and left the sunlight to seep in through to the right. The rigid bark is evident right up the tree which i like andi beleive the leaves colours and shapes are silhouetted by the sunlight beautifully 🙂 I like this photo and can only wish you got a sense of my wonder within my photo aswell as my writing 🙂 I suppose if i was to make it better i would have liked to include more, wildlife or layers in order to provide that little bit more of an idea and yet I don’t necassarily believe this photo needs it 🙂 I am sorry this post took so long but here it finally is, thankyou and i hope you like it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 24- “Hold up, how big that tree?!”

    • They are so beautiful, i would really recommend you go to the red woods then! its so different and just “WOW!” there! haha i can’t even explain it! 🙂

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