Week 21- Summer Tales and Daisy chains

Week 21- Summer Tales and Daisy chains

The soldiers faced their mighty foe with fearless hearts whilst their petals sung with white purity and the gleaming sun, their bodies rooted green. But remained as strong as a six pack, their faces beamed yellow with no illness but happiness in which their enemy did not share. It arose as black as the abyss in which it came and as red as the bloody color which cursed it, the suns glistening promise wasted on its tarnished and scarred coating. The beast roared with a rusted growl full of promise and excitement but yet concealed its need for the flow of oil. Its blades screeched eerily seeking to stutter heart beats, the noise resembling that of a killer sharpening his instruments, they gnawed together in anticipation of the bad kind. Many soldiers had fallen already, plucked from formation by curious birds. Pink and pudgy they grasped with talons, clasped precariously along their stems, ripping them apart to leave only a stump in their memory. Whilst mocking the troops with nail varnish like colors. Shadows troubled their sunshine, squashing and crippling their happy faces but not today, for now they faced their most deadly foe. They were Strong. Rooted and Beaming.

The sun shone with a heavenly glow to glisten on proud petals only to uncover glistening greens. They stood firm as the blades reared ever closer, the soils trembled but the formation was never shaken. Their petals never shook, their stems never pulsated. Their faces never stopped shining, even after they lay, the yellow of their faces still beaming in beauty and power framed with delicate petal like features, while their foe rattled away chained and forgotten. The troops once plucked from soil hung round necks and scattered around strands of hair to be worn as medals, the remembrance of summer happiness beaming in their yellow faces. All was surely not lost.

I like this photo because of its simplicity in colour. I feel it captivates the feel of summer days and the curious happiness the sun can create all on its own. The shadows formed from the daises add to the photos intrigue. I really like this photo! I edited the photo slightly in contrast to further portray these shadows and experiment with its effects. :)I spent most of my days this week out in the sunshine! Now that does feel weird to say, yes who would have thought it, Malvern has finally received its share of sunshine! 🙂  I enjoyed it, the daisies framed my face many a day as I lay happy in the grass it was all to sad when they were stripped away by the mower. I hope you all had your own taste of the sunshine this week and have not had to bare the agony of facing the mirror with tomato like features only to combine the pain with the sting of after sun on the scarlet skin. For that is always my summer tale 😉 Have a nice week everybody 🙂


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