Week 20- Tonight I Dream of Glastonbury….

Week 20- Tonight I dream of Glastonbury.....

The music trickles through the crowd, flowing like water only to be frozen by icy screams of happiness mixed with their dwelling lack of sleep.The night sky holds still and yet the many who usually succumb to its spell of sleep jump and jittter with excitement dancing like fools to the tunes of life and love, whilst their flags fly high along with their embarassment. Gone yet free. Yet, Light streams to dance on faces, enhancing colours clouding features and hiding reality.  Lips are wide bearing teeth with screaming smiles. Whilst wellies plod the floor vibrating the earth like a thousand elephants… I dream and ponder…Who wouldn’t want to go to Glastonbury?

Now I love music, so when watching glastonbury this whole weekend I couldn’t help but dream about what it would be like, how m=fun it would be and ofcourse promise to go someday 😉 I wished to express the colour and fun the glastonbury festival resembles. And so I took a photo, the figure is slouched eyes clothes to represent her sleeping/dreaming. I wanted the photo (background)  to resemble boredom, the norm so edited it in photoshop. I then chose to progress the photo by using advanced photoshop tools and a little creativity to create a thought bubble and little details, I wanted the colours to only be surrounding the “Glastonbury” insignia to resemble the excitement and abnormality of what festival life must be like. I really like this photo it started of simple but it allowed me to be a little creative,  i just hope thats allowed within my competition! 😉 I enjoyed exploring photoshop software and using my paint tools. I loved it! 🙂 I hope you do to!

I would also like to say thankyou to photography monthly and Jade for enabling me, little old me to be featured in their magazine this month, the competition being a inspiration to my photos each week as I feel I am only enjoying it more and more with each new week. Thankyou, perhaps you bloggers would enjoy the magazine just as much as me 😉 thankyou to you all! 🙂


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