Week 18- A Fathers Love

Week 18- A Fathers Love

It must be hard to be a Dad, to be forced to fake authority. Discipline. Whilst all you see is innocence, in the remnance of a puppies sad eyes, below. It must be hard to tell the treasures off; they throw your bankcards through vents, dot colourful fingerprinted pigments on new walls, break dishes, smash toys, lie, fight, sneek and creep and kick up tantrums which only grow with every year. Yet that glimmer of innocence remains. Shining like a lighthouse amongst troublesome waves.

I say it would be hard to be a dad but I am really not sure for I could only imagine what it would be like without him and it wouldn’t be nice at all. For after all the toiling tears from tragic tantrums and sinning screeches hes always been there… a cuddle and smile to banish the drops streaking down cheeks. The best dad of all I say but I guess I am biast. All i know is that I don’t know what I would have done without him not even a little or at all. Happy Fathers Day Dad.

As you can see from the photo I used my own fingers to create the two figures because I wanted my photo to relate to me on a personal level, the faces, hair and arms are all drawn with pen. I took the photo by the window in order to capture the gradual change in light and to illuminate the father figure within the photo as if to relate to him as godlike. I did this in particular to relate to the way in which a child looks up to the dad as a guide or source of wisdom. I personally really like this photo it is simple but extremely cute, it symbolises a very touching relationship between a father and his son. I hope you feel the same. 🙂


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