Week 17- Revision Rules!

Week 17- Revision Basics

You might have enjoyed the sunshine. Your own personal reward. You may have reveled in the enveloping laughter in which your family and freinds greeted you with on the bright treasure like weekend, you may have even enjoyed just watching the clouds drift by as you lie on your back. Relaxed. Happy……
Well, I would ask you to think of some, some like me. Some who cannot delve under the sunshine for hours and hours or enjoy the sun as if it was their own bright shining coin. Their reward like no other. But are instead tormented by the suns devilish temptations as they remain inclosed inside with only the brightly coloured revision guide to provide them with a tan. 😦

I like many this week have exams, 6 infact which is alot in one week! So I want you to enjoy your sunshine and I will let you know I am jealous! 🙂
For my photo this week I wanted it to express exactly what I was doing and I am sorry to say but it was revision all week so.. I tried to make it look interesting experimenting with different angles in which my glasses could me and the effect the writing had on the picture. I like it, it is a very simple photo but it essensuates how simple revision can be if you really put your mind to it 😉 I cropped and altered the contrast to allow the different colours ( particularly in the glasses) to really shine. Thankyou for veiwing my photo i hope you like it 🙂


7 thoughts on “Week 17- Revision Rules!

    • Thank you so much, I hope so too I am neither dreading or longing for the results day but I wish to have done well all the same. Thank you for your lovely comments and for liking my post, both I really appreciate thank you 🙂

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