Week 12- Spring beauty

Week 12- Spring beauty

I’ve always loved the way spring appears so delicately, the flowers have bloomed almost without me knowing it seems it was only when i heard the buzzing of a bee that i realised what was all around me! 🙂 unfortunately that same bee teased me slightly when i came to take its photo this week, but i was happy all the same, the colours are so beautiful and the sun shone on each petal beautifully i was in awe.

I chose to take this photo from below at a angle, i think this worked well because the flowers slightly sloped downwards so by taking the photo with the camera looking up it allowed me to see the whole of the flower and made the tone within the petals clearer, i was lucky because the sun was just over head if it was in a different place i would not have the same effect in my photo. I purposely adjusted the photo to show a clear “flow” in the photo ( the flowers start in the top left corner and weave their way through the to the opposite corner), i really love this because each flower is clear and in focus, as well as silhouetted by the darker background, talking space is provided to the right and it looks different! I love this photo i think its one of my best yet!


23 thoughts on “Week 12- Spring beauty

  1. Excellent choice of perspective for this wonderful image! Your decision to use the negative (talking) space in the upper right quadrant makes this a candidate for use as a cover image – so great idea! Overall really well done image!

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