Week 11- Cathedral Sights

Week 11- Cathedral Sights

I was lucky enough this week to find myself in the worcester cathedral, a truly beautiful building, the light gleamed through the stainless glass shimmering down the columns and eluminating the emmanent detail within the cathedrals structure. The Sing Faure consert took place there last night and the cathedral was alive with the tones of multiple voices many stumbling over the various latin words 🙂 I centred the window in the middle of the photograph and purposely took the photo at a verticle angle to suggest strength within the cathedrals size and grandure. I also love the tiny details within the photo such as the fragile colours at the alter and the golden crescent surrounding the “far away” windows in the background.
I love this photo because of the gradual tone in which the streaming light creates along the cathedrals ceiling and pillars. I love it! The detail is what matters!

P.S Sorry for the vertical view I tried rotating the photograph but somehow it didn’t look as nice! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Week 11- Cathedral Sights

    • I know i was very lucky, the way the light streams through the stain glass and highlights its structure is lovely, this photo was taken in worcester cathedral, it was a very grand place 🙂 I would advise it you will get some lovely photos just make sure you post them on your blog so i can see them!!!!!! 😉

      • yeah like i said i would love to see the photos you take!! 🙂 you don’t even have to try that hard to get a nice photo in such beautiful places!! 🙂

      • I don’t have lenses, I have a bridge camera which is a nikon coolpix p510 I am lucky because it has a very good zoom and also because I was taking part in a “sing faure” concert so there was a stage that I could easily stand on 🙂 So I hope thats okay?! 🙂

      • Well good luck! I can never save up for things!! 😀 canons are sooo expensive you lucky thing, are you a photographer then? 🙂

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