Week 10- Just keep swimming!

Week 10- Just keep swimming!

We discovered life in our pond! Frogs to be exact! 🙂 I deliberately photographed the frog within the top left hand corner in order to show all the different shapes and colours within the pond water. I love the colours.  The frogs face hit by bright lights sparkles to show his slimy nature and the variety of greens emphasises the natural elements. I also love the way the algae  is “twinkles” around the frog, it creates a magical effect as if it was fairy dust or disco lights, the frogs legs fumble out in every direction, who knows maybe he is dancing 😉


7 thoughts on “Week 10- Just keep swimming!

    • Wow!! I would love to see a picture sometime, there’s so much natural beauty where i live which is Malvern; the hills, the flowers, the landscape so although we dont have many animals, I really do love it here! I will look forward to seeing those frogs on my summer holidays! Perhaps i will take a picture just for you! haha:)

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