Week 9- “Love is all around us”

Now I may be too young for love but i know what it is. I have seen it. The squeeze of a hand, a reassuring glance of confidence when scared, the shared passion of a kiss that flutters the butterflies of your heart, a look, a glance, a word. I may be young but love is.. “all around”. So when watching my mum and dad cut that 25th anniversary cake, sharing that glance and the little hand squeeze it made sense to express that enveloping love shared in that golden movement in my photo this week.

Ive been studying rembrandt lighting in my art project this week and was eager to use it. I love this sculpture one of the many anniversary presents the mans jumper reminds me of angels feathers, perhaps symbolising a gift from above? I wanted these two figures to be highlighted within my photo as I believe they express love in a intimate and caring way. In order to make them the focus of my photo I created a dark backdrop, thus highlighting the sculptures colours and details. Also I shined a torch at an angle towards the sculpture to form geometric shapes and shading within thus sparking a interesting quality to the photo, (inspired by rembrandt lighting effect). It is as if the “couple” are beligerent to the dark (symbolic of trouble and danger) as they are happy to just stare in eachothers eyes, a powerful representation of love. I emphasised the dark in the picture to create this effect, I did this by including a large amount of talking space within the photo this further highlights the couple which hold eachother, oblivious and strong against the similarly highlighted danger of the dark. Hope you liked my photo. thankyou


16 thoughts on “Week 9- “Love is all around us”

  1. Love has no age….Love is a miracle,,,for that there is no age….
    your photo makes me in a lovely mood…
    thank you very much for sharing your great ideas with this small man…

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