Week 8

Week 8

I struggled to find a picture this week, but i really shouldn’t have; beauty is everywhere after all. So just by looking out of the window i saw it, the deep blue sky littered with amber shimmers from the lower lamplight littering my marvelous malvern town. The perfect night scene. I had difficulties taking it though, i needed a high ” birds eye” position to capture all of the vintage blue colour which meddled and danced with the emmanent glow protruding from the pavement lamp lights and this was hard. I ran to various windows in the house but only at the highest window did i get this quality, I encountered many difficulties taking it though I can tell you, first the blind, almost collapsing on my head, then the reflection from the window posed a irritance ( so i turned the lights off) but in order to get a clearer photo i felt empowered to open the window (yet another fiddle) you try that whilst taking a picture!!
This is why a dark line is evident horizontally along the top of the picture. However i believe this has a good effect showing a contrast which brightens the skys blue and deepens the houses earthy browns and creams. The lamplight elluminates the houses between them as if something spectacular or mystical is just about hidden/ transforming between the protective houses. The flecks of gold and orange further in the distance also creates a eery mysticality to the night scene as they blur its as if theyre moving adding to the mystery, fairies? 🙂 . I took the shot from above, tilting the camera slightly to limit the amount of sky present in the photo, (“too much of a good thing) but also i was intrigued by the houses shapes as they were elluminated by the lamplight they appeared old and dark mysterious by themselves, The first house hiding behind the trees as its eye (window) peeks between the branches. Even the sky causes the houses to glow, blue a cold, sad colour, it seems the night is truly alive! The sprinkles of light lays cause to wonder the mystery of the night, have a nice sleep! 🙂


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