Week 7

Week 7

Now i know most of you would expect me to go all “eastery” this week, expecting a picture of chocolate eggs and perhaps a few crosses. In this case it lays cause to wonder why my picture bares a description of four paws combined with animalistic (furry) features.

But I say “oh contrare” infact isn’t the very essence of the easter story about life? The soul of the world can no better be witnessed then in springtime, life is created; flowers peak heads from darkened buds and wintery covers, animals are born tormenting their mothers as we so often do whilst trickling sunlight seeps through dappled leaves and eluminates the foliage below it. These cubs are beautiful and although it was a shame to not see them in the wild we can only be glad that we can see them and that they will be protected in and for the future.

I was lucky in my chances as with many safari parks you have to be quick and move on this was no exception which made it hard to take a great photo. My camera (the nikon coolpix p510) took this challenge  enabling me to zoom in close to each animal which stood a considerable distance away (much to my freinds dismay) 🙂 I deliberately zoomed in close to capture the detail and beauty within these animals and as a result I am happy to say I love each photo passionately. It seemed nothing was a match for my nikon that day, usually struggling with focus it triumphed as objects such as the window bared no effect on any photos, even fencing around enclosures had no effect! Although I could have chosen to take the photo at a diagonal angle to express the cubs previous playful excitement I chose to take the photo landscape, this created a calm and sedated atmosphere for the photo which i wanted. The audiences main focus is on the first cub depicted in the foreground it is subtly highlighted as it gazes at the camera through confused eyes. This took a long time to find and I was lucky to capture the cubs gaze without jumping out the car myself. I made sure the cubs full body was placed in the photo to add balance and a sense of journey or adventure as if these cubs were exploring the world for the first time, un doubtedly for the first cub this would have been better if we could see its paws. However this works well as the second cub looks around as if following the other. Overall i believe this photo was a success, lions are truly beautiful and majestic creatures and i hope i captured that in my photo this week.


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