Week 5

Week 5

I love art and was eager to experiment with henna this week as it was something i had never done before, so after “painting” a design on my sisters hand i was eager to take pictures. I wanted the floral design to almost reach out to the rest of the photo, I attempted to do this by encouraging my sister to extend her fingers and by raising her palm in an upright position. I think this worked really well creating tone in areas. I also experimented with the brightness and constrast within the photo using a fix tool on my computer. I believe this gave the photo a little edge. I think this is my best photo yet. Hope you like it. Also i found henna really easy to use and would recommend it to those who love art but not the time it takes, its quick, simple and a really nice medium to use.


4 thoughts on “Week 5

    • haha well thankyou, I love art too a second passion, I didn’t realise how much I loved henna either until I started using it! Lovely thing to work with and with a lovely smell.. eucaliptus? 😉 sorry dont know how to spell it really 🙂

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