Week 4

Week 4

Now this should have been posted on mothers day but i as many daughters and sons were forced to help my mum out so apologies. Happy mothers day everybody!

For my mothers day photo i really wanted to capture the idea of family in a cute yet not too cute way, this teddy was a gift to my mum for mothers day (by me and my siblings) i experimented with the bears reflection in a mirror, the bear is held at a slant infront in order to create a mirrored illusion, i deliberately took the photo at an “over the shoulder” view in order to suggest there was duplicate bears, the bear in the foreground looks larger, while the other smaller. This benefits the photo as many could infer that the larger bear was infact the mum and therefore the smaller bear is its daughter/son. I love that. I made sure the heart was seen in the picture also that the writing was clear too in order to suggest the “little one” was giving a gift 🙂 although the writing may be the wrong way round its the thought that counts 😉 At first it lacked the colour or tone within the picture so with a few finishing touches it was good to go.
Thankyou to all the lovely people that liked my photos you don’t know how happy that made me , first time blogging you see… thankyou 🙂


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