Week 3

photo competitions 152
I used the sun to create shade in the foreground of my photo to create a gradual increase in light within my photo, (as you can see in the deep background of the picture the colours are very light and almost blend together) i think this really works although i did not intend it to work so effectively. The houses also in the foreground provide that little bit more detail to the picture which i like because otherwise i feel it would be boring, i like “framing ” my pictures with objects of nature, i am not really sure why at the moment i just really like the effect it gives, the hills made it possible for me to have an overview of the landscaping fields and trees which i feel works really well within a landscape, thankyou for viewing my photo haha, hope you like it! 🙂

On walking on the hills on a sunny (yet cold) afternoon i found myself taking 150 photos at once even more, what this competition has really made me realise is not only how much i love photography but also how beauty can be found just about anywhere, (i hate to sound cheesy but it seems i couldn’t escape it this time) 😛



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