Project 52- Week 1

"Let it Snow"

Week 1- Now, when the snow finally falls you can either kick back with a hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows and cuddle up on the sofa (tempting) or get the hell out there! Thats what i did and i wasn’t the only one…. heres to walking in a winter wonderland no matter how slippy, let it snow!

I’ve always loved the snow so when seeing it dazzle the hills in such away i grabbed my camera immediately and head outside. I started from the top of the common and eventually walked down, i intended to use the the trees to frame the photo trying to centre the woman in the middle. The framed outer area of the photo highlights the centre of the piece, the branches reaching out to the lady as if to touch her, provide a unusual feel to the photograph, of mystery as she walks away. I  also love the blue in the distant skyline, as it really captivates the sense of winter within the picture; the cold, the mist, the mystery. The darker paths show the shapes of the hills below, rippeling like the sea. the mist blends the contrasts of blue, illuminating the crisp white snow present on the buildings of the town below. I wanted to capture the beauty of the snow and sky and i think this picture does just that! The mist and snow highlights the beauty of the town and the lonesome lady combined with the reaching branches create a real sense of mystery and illusion. I only wish the women could be more clearer, her dog looks like a blob at the moment, next time i will try to add more definition to my picture to give it that extra edge.(photo taken using a nikon coolpix p510)


12 thoughts on “Project 52- Week 1

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  2. your first post looks so amazing…now i covers all of your posts..
    my opinion is that you are an excellent writer on this very young age…
    i likes all of your posts…
    keep posting…
    go ahead….

    • haah well i guess you finally have!! I am sorry I couldn’t cover all of yours I will go back to them, thankyou very much I am very glad you liked them so much that means alot to me thankyou 🙂 I will keep posting.. just for you 😉 but you must promise you will do the same!

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